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South Hams under more pressure as Tories cut funding again

February 6, 2019 7:32 PM
By John Anderson
Originally published by South Hams Liberal Democrats

Tory-led SHDC has no one to blame but their Cousins in Westminster

The South Hams District Council, along with local authorities throughout the nation, will be even under greater financial pressure this morning thanks to the Tories.
House of Commons Parliamentary Debate (Catherine Bebbington/Parliamentary Copyright night in the House of Commons the Tories passed a bill that will cut a further £1.3 billion to councils all over the UK.
Critics are saying the funding approach will take money from poorer councils and direct it to affluent areas in keeping with the Tories' proven practice of protecting their own interests at the expense of others.
And if that wasn't enough, last night's legislation will undoubtedly result in a rise in council tax for the coming year.
The Tories track record in funding councils over the past few years is so dire that the independent Local Government Association warned last week that many popular council services could disappear by 2025 due to a £8bn funding black hole.
Locally, Caroline Voaden, the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Totnes, noted that Conservative-run SHDC may complain about lack of funding but it is their Conservative colleagues in Westminster who have imposed the cuts in funding.

"I find it duplicitous for the Tories to declare that the days of austerity are over when they are certainly not acting that way. Their actions last night will have two negative effects on our towns. Council taxes will have to rise and services will be cut even further."
Voaden said she was proud of her Lib Dem colleagues in the Commons who voted against the funding cuts.
Totnes MP Sarah Wollaston did not take part in the vote. It is not unusual for MPs to avoid a vote that might cause them discomfort in their home district.

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